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Innovation is a buzzword in industry today. While for the large multinationals innovation is an avenue for growth in their home markets and also to adapt to emerging markets, companies are increasingly seeing Innovation to seize new business opportunities, aggressively grow their businesses and serve the bottom of the pyramid.

However there are various gray areas when we talk about innovation in business. Can innovation be taught? How does an organization create a culture of innovation? Are all people innovative? And so on. At BMGI, a global performance excellence company, we have been researching innovation for the past several years and are actively working with clients to enable them to decipher the fuzziness about innovation and use Innovative tools and methods to grow their businesses.

BMGI works with organization to:

1. Identify the Right Innovation Projects: While working on innovation, finding the right problem to solve is more often as important as the solution. For example, until Air Deccan articulated the problem that only a fraction of India's population could fly, thereby challenging that assumption created the low cost airline concept in India and radically changed the market place. At BMGI, we work with organizations to create and communicate a common definition for Innovation, define the jobs to be done (that the business is trying to achieve)  and develop a list of innovation projects which could be product/service related, process related or business model innovations

2. The Innovation Toolset: For some, innovation is a moment of serendipity, for most, innovation is all about ideas generation and the most common management tool that is used for this is Brainstorming. As BMGI we have researched over 200 tools from a variety of sciences - lateral thinking, technology, life science etc to identify the 50+ tools that are most useful for innovation projects. We have put these tools together in our recently published book titled "The Innovator's Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organizational Growth". Further BMGI conducts innovation workshops (from 2 -10 days) to teach business managers, innovation project leads, and employees on the the various innovation and ideation tools.

3. Ideas to Implementation: How often does it happen when you see a successful idea  implemented you feel that you had thought of it before? Is there be a formal process for deploying Innovation projects without hurting creativity? At BMGI, we have developed a structured approach to approach innovation projects called D4 (Define-Discover-Develop-Demonstrate) and deploy it using a Rapid Innovation Event (RIE) in a 12- day workshop setting working simultaneously with 2/3 project teams. Typically, in our experience, teams are able to better articulate their innovation problem and are also able to generate significantly more implementable ideas.

4. Innovative People: Are all people innovative? Can all really generate creative ideas that can deliver in the market place? At BMGI we believe that essentially all people are creative though differ from each other in their thinking styles. Their thinking style could be more Adaptive or more Innovative. Both styles are necessary to generate and implement innovative ideas in the workplace. BMGI uses the KAI Inventory assessment to identify people's thinking style and help organizations create diverse teams that are high performing to work on some of the more complex projects in business.


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BMGI’s Innovation Services

D4 Innovation Method:

BMGI D4 Innovation method help companies to answer:

  • How to define the opportunity
  • How to use right tools & methods to develop innovative ideas
  • How to convert ideas into reality
  • How to keep adding innovative resources and just not depend on few

Design for Six Sigma:

BMGI help companies to answers questions which are most critical to businesses through its Design for Six Sigma Method.

  • How to understand exact needs of a customer
  • How to convert customer needs into product and services


BMGI’s TRIZ suite help companies:

  • To learn from others who have solved your innovation problem before
  • To analyse and design insightful outcome

Design for Lean

BMGI’s Design for Lean approach help companies

  • To design the product and process exactly the way it is required
  • To design facility which facilitates the right inputs and processes

BMGI’s will work with your team to design an innovation approach to drive growth in your organization. To know more, call BMGI.

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