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With rapidly changing business needs and customer expectations, it is becoming imperative for organizations to focus their attention on the process of problem solving and decision making. The success of any organization depends on its people and their ability to think critically, solve problems and make decisions to deliver value.

BMGI's Structured Problem Methodology

BMGI's structured problem solving methodology will enable your organization to:

  • Leverage BMGI's world class approach based on its global experience across industries
  • Eliminate problems effectively by finding its real root causes
  • Build a sustenance mechanism which will prevent the problem from occurring or get it permanently solved
  • Create a world-class customer experience by delivering the right products & services at the right price, quality and optimum time
  • Encourage participation & a systematic thinking approach by all personnel
  • Create a best practices sharing mechanism
  • Build a culture of Excellence and a first time right attitude
  • Leverage results of problem solving efforts to maximize ROI

BMGI's Problem Solving services have earned it a reputation as best Operations Excellence consulting firm in the world. BMGI offers a wide range of services as part of its Problem Solving suite:

Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma helps companies to reduce variation in its process and products and thereby reducing defects, cycle time and increasing capacity and customer satisfaction at lower costs and reduced capital expenditures 


  • Lean helps companies to understand their “Value Stream”, and eliminate non-value added activities from processes. Results include:
    • Fast and responsive delivery
    • Opportunities for top line enhancement
    • Products / services more cost competitive
    • Involvement of everyone and creating a culture of excellence

Lean Six Sigma

  • Lean Six Sigma enables organizations to leverage the variation reducing capability of Six Sigma as well as the value-enabling tools of Lean, under a single framework.


Basic Problem Solving

  • As part of this framework, organizations are able to solve their common business issues by focussing on the low hanging fruits, thereby delivering quick results.

Mega Process Redesign

  • Mega Process Redesign helps companies solve critical problems by questioning the paradigms of the current ways of doing things. As an end-state, organizations are able to design a completely new process that is radically different from the existing, that delivers unparalleled levels of performance.


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