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With high aspirations, business leaders plan an organization’s future. As they set out to achieve their vision, inherent economic uncertainties, sudden technological breakthroughs and highly competitive forces change the assumptions behind the planned strategy.

Additionally, organization’s capability and agility to adapt to the changing environment and efficiently execute the plan also adds to the deviation. As a result, some parts of the plan are achieved as intended but others meet with unexpected and insufficient outcomes leading to some unrealized objectives in the end.

In today’s uncertain business environment, organizations need to create a flexible yet robust strategy plan making informed choices. They also need to communicate clearly what the plan means for each level of business divisions/ functions and provide seamless execution & control mechanisms that empower all to achieve the plan as intended.

Organizations that understand the rigour and finer nuances towards crafting and executing strategy are the ones who are well prepared to delight their stakeholders, stay ahead of the competition and define the future.

BMGI, through its in-depth expertise in solving strategic challenges for numerous organizations, has helped them answer some of the most critical strategic questions facing business leaders.

  1. What are the macro changes in the industry that are going to impact us in next five years?
  2. What are the emerging technologies and economic trends which are impacting our business?
  3. What are the markets that we should focus on?
  4. How can we differentiate our products/services with respect to others already present in the market?
  5. What is our competition doing and what should we do to stay ahead of the pack?
  1. How to make our strategy robust enough to counter effects of competition, new players, regulations etc.?
  2. What is right mix of organic and inorganic growth?
  3. What are the right businesses to be in?
  4. Which businesses should we promote and which ones should we exit?
  5. How do we test our strategy for various scenarios?
  1. How do we structure our organisation, divisions, people and other critical resources to achieve our strategy?
  2. How should we manage our current operations and simultaneously execute strategic initiatives?
  3. How do we link strategy across the organizational levels and make strategy relevant for all?
  4. How do we measure and review our strategy execution capability?


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